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  • With Prevvy,
    families can now
    control and use

    their personal
    health information.
  • Prevvy's Careplans
    let you work with your doctor
    and wherever
    you are.
  • Prevvy is your
    personal health

    always ready and always
    connected to your care team.

You are the Guardian of you and your family’s Healthcare Information

At Work or at Home. Day or Night. You are always responsible to accurately remember and report, every single detail. You are always entrusted to keep the health information of your kids, your parents and yourself. It all depends on you to remember and manage it all.
What if one of your loved ones needed that information when you were not available, or if they had an emergency, and the best medical care was delayed because some vital information is missing.

Prevvy is here to help !

Smart, secure and a convenient healthcare experience

Achieve you and your family’s fullest in health and wellness in your lifestyle choices while maintaining an easy collaboration and care continuum with your doctor and healthcare providers.


It does not matter who's your Doctor, Hospital or ACO, Prevvy will always store your personal health information.


A ‘Careplan’ is a set of activities created or issued by a physician, care manager, a group of people or an individual, in order to help facilitate engagement and adherence in your daily life.


Whether you are a care patient or caregiver, you can work with a fully connected health team to continue with your health and wellness from your doctor’s office or hospital to your home.


An easy and reliable online multi-tool that covers a lot of the tasks and needs for you and your family’s personal healthcare management and information


You can control and use the Health Information that belongs to you and your family.

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Your doctor can create an electronic Careplan designed personally for you and your particular health needs.

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Now your doctor can work with your factual data and refine your personal treatment plan.

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Use your Smartphone, Tablet or PC with HIPAA-compliant Notification Alerts, Televisits, IM, Secure Mail and Social Groups

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Manage and coordinate care team members effectively and share information about your chronic health conditions

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Prevvy’s dashboards allow you to manage your daily well being and careplan activities

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Manage all of your healthcare needs and information
in one single place.

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