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Enhanced opportunities for you
and your beneficiary’s care

As America’s healthcare system rapidly goes digital, your practice needs to start providing to your patients and consumers access to their health records electronically which allows consumers to take action with their own health information and use it at home, work or anywhere in their daily lives.

Prevvy allows you in achieving the potential of patients and their families to engage via better health information and Digital Health Communication tools.

Prevvy creates Connected Health Communities for your organization where Connected Patients & providers interact digitally for getting better outcomes.

Connected Health Services : a new Patient Experience

Chronic Care Management

Prevvy provides structured recording of patient health information, careplan creation for all health issues, managing care transitions and coordinating patient information with specialists.

Patient Navigation and Improved Access to Care

Ensure 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week (24/7) access to care management services, providing the patient with a means to make timely contact with health care practitioners in the practice who have access to the patient’s electronic care plan to address his or her several care needs.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring is revolutionizing healthcare by helping save lives, improve quality of care, and reduce costs for both patients and healthcare providers.


Create a patient-centered care plan based on a physical, mental, cognitive, psychosocial, functional, and environmental assessment with an inventory of resources for a comprehensive plan of care for all health issues.

Health Campaigns

Take a population level view and work to improve the health of an entire community. Tackle and discuss complex social, community, and health problems in a Social Groups. Overcome many obstacles and barriers that lie beyond the scope of any single organization or health professional.

You are now entering into the 21st Century of Healthcare Management and Health IT Solutions

Low Cost Care thru Patient Education and Primary Physician-Specialist Collaboration

By facilitating patient education and improved communication among referring physicians and specialists, improves patient care coordination and avoid unnecessary referrals, denials and unnecessary hospital stays, allowing lowering costs for both patients and your practice.

Care transitions from Hospital to Home

Prevvy automates 75% of transitional tasks, allowing more time for healthcare providers to focus what really matters in a person centric approach. This information is shared with all whom are implicated in the next stage of care.

Be the Best, Outstand from the Rest

With Prevvy your Doctor becomes part of the family, providing that outstanding, always going for the extra mile human touch that patients and health consumers are always needing and requestion from their healthcare providers.

Marketing Practice growth and Patient Relationship Manage

Reach patients where they are and address patient needs by providing counseling and other services resulting in care continuity, greater adherence to treatment plans, and better use of healthcare resources.

A Comprehensive patient-centered health technology, enhanced for all to manage and communicate about the patient’s care.

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