Now you can control and use the
Health Information that belongs to you

  • Prevvy’s personal health record (PHR) is an online, universally available, lifelong resource of personal health information (PHI) under your control.
  • Your PHI is maintained in a secure and private environment in which only YOU determine who has access rights.
  • You can create a PHR for yourself or for each of your family members and anyone else for whom you take care or are responsible for.
  • An easy way for you to convey important facts about your medical history, so you don’t have to repeat the information every time you visit a doctor.
  • You can track information such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings.
Once your health information is in Prevvy’s Personal Health Manager, you are able to give access to your PHI with your current or a new doctor just with the tap of a finger, you can send it to your doctor’s EMR.

Your doctor can create an electronic Careplan
designed personally for you
and your particular health needs

  • Goals you want to work towards, such as:
    • managing chronic health problems,
    • get out and exercise more,
    • return to top condition,
    • or just losing weight.
  • Reminding you which medicines to take
  • A diet plan
  • A physical activity plan
  • Identify your health care needs and design a personalized careplan to address them
  • Access your healthcare providers with the convenience and comfort of a televisit, chat or an email.
  • Measure your degree of adherence to the careplan that you and your doctor created
  • Keep track of services to be given to you by your healthcare providers

Now your doctor can work with your factual data
and refine your personal treatment plan.

You can seamlessly transition between your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can also connect devices to measure and track vital signs and make that information available to your doctor.

You can now have a more accurate treatment thanks Prevvy's data tracking of all your vital readings with the help of connected devices, such as a web-enabled digital scale or glucose meter, in order to refine your treatments or improve your ability to manage a chronic health

Simplify communications

Simplify communications and strengthen care by using your smartphone or tablet with secure notification alerts, health and wellness updates, lab results, doctor appointments, videoconference and more. Status availability of care team members, group messaging, timeline, community group lists, televisits with shared clinical data, image and file sharing, and social networking.

This new and convenient experience is executed
in secure HIPPA-compliant environment.
  • Health Calendar & Reminders
    Prevvy's Health Calendar lets your create Appointments, display your healthcare provider's working hours and availability so you can easily schedule an appointment, view Health and Wellness Events and Careplan reminders (such as medication refills and intake). And best of all, it works both ways, your doctor can also view your schedule and availability so he can setup an appointment for you and you'll receive a notification about it.
  • CareTeam Collaboration
  • If you need treatment from one or more healthcare professionals, your doctor may also create a CareTeam for you. This lets your doctor work with or refer you to other health professionals or family members who will help provide treatment for other family member or services to you.
Prevvy’s dashboards allow you to manage your daily well being and careplan activities. It gives you easy access to all pending healthcare activities, so you can quickly and efficiently take care of your doctor's orders.